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Free Download: Kid’s Valentine’s Cards


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and I’m happy to offer a new free download for the kids.

Click on the link below to download a high-resolution PDF. There are four cards per sheet. Print them off and let your child write their greeting on the back. I attached a sucker to the back with duct tape, but masking tape would work just as well.

Boy Valentine Card Free Download

Girl Valentine Card Free Download



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Inspiring Creativity in Kids: Toys and Gifts

I think toys and gifts that inspire kids to be creative are more difficult to come by these days. It seems that most toys are promoting licensed characters (like Superman, Batman, Dora or Barbie) or useful for only a single purpose. Plus, there are so many toys to choose from, it’s very difficult to pick a toy I think they might like and actually play with. Many of their toys go untouched, at least until I am putting them in a garage sale or goodwill box. Suddenly they become their most precious possession.

With Black Friday only one week away, I thought I would share the toys and gifts that I think really inspire creativity.

1. Fisher Price Trio Blocks and Legos – (Minus the Assembly Directions)

Our kids range in age from 18 months to 8, and the three older kids play with Trio blocks many times a month. We have acquired several sets, and I have quickly thrown away the “assembly directions” that came with each one and added them all together in a big basket. Our oldest is really becoming interested in Legos, and again we have thrown away the “directions.” He has made very creative weapons, cars, airplanes and castles using his imagination and these building blocks.

2. Playdoh and Modeling Clay

Not only do they make their own animals, people, flowers and cookies, but then they play with them. It’s fun to hear them creating little scenes and making funny voices.

3. Dress Up Clothes

Dress up clothes are easy to find at garage sales, second hand shops, and I have even found some superhero suits on Ebay. They have put on clothes that Mr. Sir and I are going to get rid of. The boys have used Halloween costumes, and little lady has worn dance recital costumes and flower girls dresses. Items like scarves and mittens, robes, bracelets and necklaces, purses, shoes, ties, and hats have made great additions to the dress up box. They have gotten married, hunted deer, taken care of babies, captured the dangerous Darth Vader, and traveled as dinosaurs to a far off land in search of water.

4. Art Supplies

Sketchbooks, paints, markers, and crayons have gotten hours of use in this home, along with coloring and activity books, stickers, glitter, and stamps, old magazines, and construction paper.

UPDATE: Check out this very informative guide on creative play and toys. (Thanks Mary Sue!)

There are millions of toys out there, but these are the ones that have come through our home that have truly inspired creativity in our kids. Leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite toy or gift to inspire creativity is.

DIY – Painted Pumpkins

Painting pumpkins is SO much easier than carving pumpkins with young children. Carving has its place – please don’t misunderstand. But when your children all are under the age of 7, painting is the way to go.

Things You’ll Need:

Newspaper – to protect your table
Acrylic/Craft paint – Apple Barrel worked well on our pumpkins
Paper plate for pallets
Water cups, napkins, and towel
Other Optional Items: Stencils, stamps, spray paint, paint markers

Within half an hour we had each finished painting our pumpkins.We had an Indian, a unique pumpkin face, a colorful abstract and a monogram.

For my monogrammed pumpkin, I used the end of a cork to make the assorted dots, the end of a paintbrush to make smaller white dots, and the tip of my index finger to make the red circles around the large circle. I did try to use a regular sharpie to add the lines, but a black paint sharpie worked much better.

And…bonus…I did not have pumpkin guts or pumpkin stink anywhere on my body.

We were all very happy and had a fun time.

So what is your favorite thing to do with pumpkins, carve them, paint them, or eat them?

If you want to get more inspiration for fancy painted pumpkins to decorate your home, check out these links:

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