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The Evolution of an Idea

Idea’s never leave me alone.

They bother me when I’m riding in the car and have no pen to record them. They keep me up in the middle of the night after a child wakes me up. They distract me when I should be paying attention.

Sometimes one idea will come, then quickly leave. Other times an idea will stick with me, aggravating me until I create it, or write it or do something about it.

Often, when I am working in my sketchbook, I am thinking of what else I could do with image.

This idea started with a frame that I created and really liked in my sketchbook. I used my sharpie and watercolor brush markers to sketch this.

doodle borders

I took a picture of it and uploaded that to my computer. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to create a vector image. (Visit this website for more information on vectors and bitmaps.)


Once I had the vector image, I used InDesign to add the background, color and text. I ended up with a 5×7 to offer you as a new free download!

 Psalm 100:2

Click here to download a high resolution 5×7 jpeg for printing at your favorite photo developer!


A Week of Creating Daily (almost)

This week I haven’t exactly completed all of my assignments for the Create Daily class. But I have been creating daily, which is the purpose for taking the class.

Early in the week I painted a rock – which was actually more fun than I anticipated – and photographed a mysterious “monkey” that had gotten loose in the little boys bedroom.


Another day I made something to give away (see the “U R Super Cool card on the left of pic below. The Monkey had gotten loose again, and this time was joined by Dean-O doing the “Dance of the Karate Warrior”. I’ve found they’ll do all sorts of amusing things if I get my new camera out.


I worked on this in my sketchbook  while we were driving somewhere.


Every time I go to Jer’s shop, I eyeball his stash of sheet metal scraps. I got him to bend up a piece for me so I could experiment again with painting on the metal. I have previously tried to paint on it, but it scratched off easily. I did some research and tried a new technique that worked much better. I’ve requested some more pieces, so you will see more metal work in the future.

In honor of the impending Hallmark Holiday, I created this little piece with the metal he gave me to hang somewhere in the house. It is officially the only “Valentine-sy” decoration I have ever owned.


I’ve been working on some new brooches, including some “school spirit” ones for a couple of shops I am going to soon be selling them in very soon.


One day, our assignment was to get messy. I used a brush, my finger and three paint colors to create these two sketch book pages.

get messy


I took a picture of the pages, and used one of them as a background for this image. The flower is a one that I created in my sketchbook with paint, a medicine cap, and sharpies. I scanned it in and turned it into a vector image. Then I added he quote.


limit yourself assignment

Color Here, Color There

Color Quote

I’ve recently discovered the website COLOURlovers.  “COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create
and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful

A fun feature that they have is the ability to make color palletes from photographs. Any registered user can use this feature. Below you will find some samples I have made from a couple of my recent photos.

This tool would be fun for creating your own paint samples, creating pallets for graphic and logo design, illustration and more. If you have used COLOURlovers, I’d love to hear what you love most about it. Leave me a comment below.






80’s Glasses, Cameras and Logos (Not Necessarily in That Order)


I traveled to Ann Arbor with my husband on Wednesday to check out cameras at Huron Camera while he did his flying lesson at the airport. (He is currently training to be a commercial pilot and flight instructor.) I intended to just look at a new DSLR, but once I got it in my hands and took pictures with it in the store, I ended up buying it. I decided to purchase  a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR. I am very happy with it so far. I could have spent hundreds of dollars more, but I didn’t need to. This camera will meet all the needs I have for now.

On another random note, I discovered a website, called 99 Designs, that hosts contests for graphic designers and I decided to join it. I finished two logos for a contest put on by Attis Media. Here are my submissions to that contest.


And lastly, while waiting for Sissy’s glasses to repaired, we were checking out frames, and these were too funny to leave on the holder. I had to try them on, and once I saw myself, I had to take a picture to show Jer. The kids also wanted in on the action.

Ending this post with even more embarrassing pictures…


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