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A Week of Creating Daily (almost)

This week I haven’t exactly completed all of my assignments for the Create Daily class. But I have been creating daily, which is the purpose for taking the class.

Early in the week I painted a rock – which was actually more fun than I anticipated – and photographed a mysterious “monkey” that had gotten loose in the little boys bedroom.


Another day I made something to give away (see the “U R Super Cool card on the left of pic below. The Monkey had gotten loose again, and this time was joined by Dean-O doing the “Dance of the Karate Warrior”. I’ve found they’ll do all sorts of amusing things if I get my new camera out.


I worked on this in my sketchbook  while we were driving somewhere.


Every time I go to Jer’s shop, I eyeball his stash of sheet metal scraps. I got him to bend up a piece for me so I could experiment again with painting on the metal. I have previously tried to paint on it, but it scratched off easily. I did some research and tried a new technique that worked much better. I’ve requested some more pieces, so you will see more metal work in the future.

In honor of the impending Hallmark Holiday, I created this little piece with the metal he gave me to hang somewhere in the house. It is officially the only “Valentine-sy” decoration I have ever owned.


I’ve been working on some new brooches, including some “school spirit” ones for a couple of shops I am going to soon be selling them in very soon.


One day, our assignment was to get messy. I used a brush, my finger and three paint colors to create these two sketch book pages.

get messy


I took a picture of the pages, and used one of them as a background for this image. The flower is a one that I created in my sketchbook with paint, a medicine cap, and sharpies. I scanned it in and turned it into a vector image. Then I added he quote.


limit yourself assignment


Create Daily Review

This week, we were sent outside to take pictures of nature to inspire us. Of course, that landed on a day that we got several inches of snow. I put my snow pants and boots on and headed out to find something interesting to capture. Here are two of those shots.


Going Organic

Another day we were to take a self portrait. Sissy got in on the action. She seems to think that the purpose of this camera is to take cute pictures of her. She’s partly right.

self portrait

self portrait

Working with words was another assignment. I used a watercolor page covered in paint drips that I did for a previous assignment. I needed motivation and decided to make a sign for my office.

just do something

I am loving this class and have learned that it isn’t so hard to be creative everyday.

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Create Daily – Part Two

One of our assignments this week for the Create Daily class was to organize a collection and take pictures of it. I was rummaging around my office for ideas and I came across a plastic bag filled with an assortment of items I collected from a remote beach on Lake Superior. Last summer we rented a house on Lake Superior for a week’s vacation and on the last day, Jer rented a pontoon boat and we went exploring.

The ride was fine until we got out of the bay. That was when the large swells would come over the edge of the boat spraying us with a fine mist. In an attempt to stay dry, I moved to a “safer” position on the boat. Within minutes we hit a swell that sent enough water straight into my lap to soak the front of me. Was I angry at the audacity of that water? Yes. Did I overreact? In the spirit of the upcoming elections, let me answer that by asking you this. Would you?

We turned west and headed for a beach that was tucked away in a little bay. The wind died down and we were able to enjoy a little time exploring the beach. We were the only one’s there and the kids had fun running around. Sissy helped me collect these items as we walked along. It turned out to be one the best memories I have of that trip.

I took my little baggie outside and found a piece of pallet wood stuck in the ground by Jer’s shop. It served as a perfect background for my collection.

Lake Superior Collection

Lake Superior Collection

Lake Superior Collection

Lake Superior Collection

Lake Superior Collection

I wanted to end this week by sharing some of my favorite pics of my classmates work.

Love this sketch by Megan Carroll – Click here to visit her blog.

New Shoes

This sketch by Shannon Miller was inspiring.


And this photo by Angie Allen…I swear this made me salivate (is this really a word?). You can see the recipe for Blueberry Breakfast cake on her blog by clicking here.

Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Create Daily Review – Part 1

I have finished day 12’s assignment for the online class I am taking with Alisa Burke called Create Daily. I want to review what I have been working on, but I don’t think I can fit it into one post with all the pictures I have. So here is part one of my week in review.

I played with paint drips. I used the kids watercolors to create this. It’s an easy way to make your own backgrounds and patterned paper to use in scrapbooking, card making, journaling, etc.


I took pictures of feet as we were traipsing through the woods around our house.

create daily - shoes

create daily - shoes

I doodled borders and frames and used my Tombow brush markers to add some color.

doodle borders

doodle borders

doodle borders

Look for part 2 tomorrow!

You can see my review of week one by clicking here.

Create Daily Week 1

One of my favorite blogs is written by Alisa Burke. I stumbled upon her blog early last year, when I was just starting to get back into art and design. She is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for my creativity. When she announced that she was having an online class called “Create Daily,” I knew I had to sign up. It started January 1st and everyday for 30 days she will give us a task to complete or an idea to ponder. So once a week I will be sharing my creations from this class.

This week, on day 2, I created a happy birthday piece for Sissy out of random things I found around the house. Here are the items I started with:

Day 2 - Gathering

And this is what I created!

Day 2 - Finished

Here are my other creations so far from the class.

create daily ball point sketch

create daily ball point sketch




You can see more of my photos by visiting my Flickr page.

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