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Mixed Molly’s Favorite Books of the Year

Once I learned to read in Kindergarten, my nose has often been found buried in a book. Reading is still my favorite go-to form of entertainment and relaxation. Pair this with a new-found passion for used book stores (my favorite in the area being The Book Abbey in Adrian, MI), and you will find most of the books are published before 1998 on this list of my favorite books of 2011.

  1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (1943) – My favorite novel of all time. The story follows the life of 11-year old Francie Nolan as she grows up in the slums of Williamsburg in the early 1900’s.
  2. The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M. Delafield (1930) – The Diary of a Provincial Lady is the first in a series of four books that are difficult to find, but worth every penny spent. The series offers an intimate look into the life and thoughts of an upper middle class woman in England during the period between World War I and II. Note: The first and second book in the series has several instances of brief dialogue written in French. A newer printing may have translated those sections. I used Google’s translator for those sections, and the program translated it well enough for me to understand what the author was saying.
  3. These is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine by Nancy Turner (1998)- Young Sarah Prine is traveling west with her pioneer family in the late 1800’s. Sarah is keen and sharp-minded, not to mention clever and witty. I loved learning what the Arizona territory was like at that time in our country’s history.
  4. Lincoln’s Mothers by Dorothy Clarke Wilson (1981) – Abraham Lincoln grew up with two mother’s. His birth mother, Nancy Lincoln and his step-mother, Sally Lincoln. This is a fictional piece, but it does contain historically factually events, people and places. There are also details about the conditions and cultural traditions of the time period.
  5. Locust Hill by Mary Wallace Kirk (1976) – This narrative about the life of an ante-bellum mansion is written by the last relative to live in the mansion. It’s a nostalgic look back on the life and culture of the early 1900’s in the southern United States.
  6. Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas (2005) – My good friend Heather had highly recommended this book, and I found it refreshing, encouraging and logical. It is the one parenting book that I highly recommend out of the gazillion parenting books out there.
  7. Made to Crave by Lesa TerKeurst (2010) – This is not a dieting book (because I have a strict ban on dieting books). Her premise is that we are made to crave, but we mistakenly direct that craving toward food. This is a helpful book if you have “food issues.”

If you are interested, these books may be found at your local used book store, at your local library, or you can purchase them through sites like and

I would really love to hear your favorite book of the year, whether new or old. Just leave me a comment below.

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