.About Me.

I developed a love for art and creativity sitting at a wooden and metal desk in a small town in Michigan when I was just a girl. Over the years that love has manifested itself into a variety of creative endeavors. Art and English classes in high school and college led to a career in graphic and web design. (During my college years, I discovered another love, a man (woot-woot) who I happily married in 2000.)  I quit that job when we had our first little boy and started a freelance design company doing logo and web design for local companies part-time. In the middle of all this, I added a passion for playing music into the mix when my awesome husband bought me a drum set and I began taking lessons. This ultimately led to taking over the position of drummer in our church praise band, which I did with much trepidation.

These experiences have all lead me to this blog, where I can share my love of art and design, and all things creative. I also throw in tidbits about my super cute husband, my four crazy kids, my faith and my life.

If you’d like to contact me, you can do that by clicking here. I’d love to hear from you!