The Outdoor Fireplace that Called to Me


Over a month ago, I noticed that a run-down house in my neighborhood was being disassembled. Dumpster by dumpster they took the pieces of this house away and when they were finished this fireplace was left standing. For weeks I have been driving past it, standing alone on a leveled lot, and wanted to take pictures of it. Yesterday, I remembered to take my camera, and stopped on my way home from dropping the kids off at school and got some shots of it. I added some Photoshop Actions  and did some other editing to them, and have included two for you to see today. I don’t know why they left this beautiful creation, or what they plan to do with it, but it makes a great photo!




About MixedMolly Designs

Any given day you may find me leisurely reading while enjoying an excessive amount of chocolate chip cookies or sipping iced tea before drifting into a quiet nap on my backyard hammock. But more likely you'll find me flirting with my husband, corralling, carting or chasing my four awesome children, and up to my developing forehead wrinkles in dishes or laundry...or both.

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  1. That is an outstanding fire place! Fire it up and bake a Pizza.

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