Now, Coming to You from 1941…Part Two

In my previous post, I shared some of my favorite images from a copy of Capper’s Farmer (November 1941) that I purchased at the Shipshewana flea market this summer. Today, I want to share the rest of my favorite things from that magazine.

 Capper's Farmer Favorites

The first paragraph of this article states, “Last year an old lady fell and within 6 weeks was dead. If this tragic mishap had occurred only once it would have been bad enough, but it occurred exactly 91 times in Kansas to women between 80 and 84 years of age. Besides that, 128 other Kansas women, younger, vigorous and useful, dies from falls. They didn’t topple from the silo or rooftree. They were safe at home. Their needless passing becomes a part of the distressingly large toll of human lives annually taken by home accidents.” (Rooftree is another term for the ridgepole of a roof.)

The article encourages women to be their own”safety engineer.” At the end of the article, the writer states that, “Home safety [is] still in its infancy…”

Capper's Farmer Favorites

This is part of an ad for a baby laxative. Who wouldn’t find the dialogue at the beginning of the article amusing?

Capper's Farmer Favorites

“Middle Age.” Chuckle. I have those symptoms some days and I don’t meet the age requirement yet for “Middle Age.”

And finally, some other random bits that I thought you might find amusing.

I’d love to hear what you have thought of these posts. Leave me a comment below.

Capper's Farmer Favorites

Capper's Farmer Favorites

Capper's Farmer Favorites


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  1. Haha! I had to send to my “career woman” sister the funny ad for baby laxative. Hysterical!

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